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So are you excited for the brand new and totally unique direction Activision is going to be taking the Call of Duty franchise this year? If so you are totally deluded and being ever so rude by keeping whatever you’re smoking to yourself.

Activision aren’t going to change a massively successful franchise too much this year and this has now been all but confirmed with the recent acquisition of the domain name

Activision actually already owned all the Black Ops domains up until 6 and was just missing this one from their collection but they’ve now secured it and will likely start using it to tease about their upcoming shooter in the coming weeks.

My personal bet is that Activision is planning on creating a third series in the COD franchise and to then try and spin each title off as their own franchise entirely. So instead of referring to Call of Duty we’ll be bombarded with the Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Iron Hawk franchises.

All being the exact same game with slight graphical tweaks and all selling over a billion dollars upon their 8 monthly release cycle.

And they will continue milking it until people stop buying them, at which time they will surprisingly shelve the entire franchise and wait for 2 years before starting the entire process up again.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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