Activision sees no future in mobile gaming

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No idea what made me think of that...

Activision, that company everyone loves to hate, is bucking the current trend in the industry by not jumping on the social or mobile bandwagon. Instead they are sticking to the core gamer trend and aiming to create franchises and titles that you the gamer want to see.

But don’t worry it doesn’t mean you have to stop hating on them just because they are the only company at the moment who is entirely focussed on the core gamer demographic. They are still a company at heart and the reason they are not focussing on mobile is simply that they don’t see the opportunity for long lasting franchises on it.

Bobby Kotick’s vision at Activision has always been about key franchises like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Skylanders to name a few. And in the words of the big (actually he’s tiny) man himself

I think we’ve always said we’re constantly exploring all different platforms for opportunities, but I don’t think we exactly share your view that three months suggests that they’re sustainable franchise

If you look at the last four or five years, you’ve seen changes in the top ten almost every year that are significant. Nothing that’s driven any sizable amount of operating profit.

While we’re going to continue to look at it, and we think that over the long term there’ll be opportunities, right now we just don’t see anything that would suggest that changing the way we approach investing against mobile would be a good idea.

This was mentioned during an earnings call where Activision announced higher numbers than expected thanks to a strong beginning to 2013. However he did temper that with saying that they now expect the latter half of 2013 to be worse than originally expected.

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This is down to the fact that the hardware manufacturers will be getting a lot of the gamers money towards the end of the year and that the global economy is still in the toilet thanks to my favourite group of humans… the accountants (and all financial people)…

He also mentioned that the failure of the Wii-U’s launch isn’t helping, possibly making him one of the first of the top brass to admit that the Wii-U has so far been a failure?

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Rince da Ref Lvl2

    The WiiU was a flalier! 0_o

  • OVG OfflineVideoGamer


    Slap COD and CHIPS on the front cover of a game and BINGO!!!!!!


    You chumps 😉

    • Trevor Davies

      Take my money!

      • OVG OfflineVideoGamer


      • OVG OfflineVideoGamer


  • Deon Steyn

    Gotta feel for WIIU owners!

    • OVG OfflineVideoGamer

      Nintendo need to get their frigging game studios up and running to churn out at least 2 1st party games every 6 months.

      I had the gamecube and remember how frigging long it would take for a decent game to be made.

      Not counting the 5 year wait for ZELDA TP. I never got to play that 🙁

      They care to much for Hardware sales and have no clue how to make games anymore unless it is Mario Cart 67

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      Ouch. That;s a low blow to the WiiU guys. Sjoe

      • Deon Steyn

        It’s just sad really.

        • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

          Agreed. And the WiiU had such potential.

          • Deon Steyn

            Still has, but time is running out.

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Bravo Activision. I may not like you but you got balls and you realise that mobile gaming is not the future.

  • TiMsTeR1033

    Activision sees no future in mobile gaming….. I see no future with activisions game making skills nuff said.

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