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Activision: Services like CoD Elite soon to be a gaming necessity

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When it comes to games such as Call of Duty, you’ve either got the casual player, or the rabid fanatic that lives and breathes Call of Duty, at least until the next title shows up a year later. It’s that very market that is being targeted by Activision for the new Elite service, that stat-tracking feature that gives tons more info and advice to gamers who pay for the premium version of the service.

But Activision feels that in the near future, such add-ons are going to become a mandatory part of gaming, and not just an optional extra.

Speaking to MCV, Activision Digital Vice President Jamie Berger explained how the publisher wants to further integrate such social networking into their future games. “We believe that a 24/7, year-round services strategy that broadens the game experience beyond just playing is going to be a necessity”, Berger said.

“Right now, it’s an option, but in three to five years, it won’t be. To support a diverse player base, you will have to have a services and ongoing content strategy. I don’t see how games are going to manage without that”.

“Elite is about Call of Duty being bigger than ever five years from now and laying the groundwork for that”.

Activisions’ nearest rival in the war shooter genre this year, EA, has also announced that their upcoming Battlefield 3 title will have its own social network, Battlelog, although this will be a completely free service for players.

Last Updated: September 27, 2011

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