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Adults playing games is “not normal”

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You. Yes you. You’re a freak. If you’re in your twenties, and you play video games then take that descriptor and wear it as a badge, because experts have said that sitting alone playing video games is not normal.

That’s according to psychiatrist Synne Sørheim’s expert testimony at the trial of Anders Breivik, the 33-year-old Norwegian man who killed 77 people in two acts of terrorism in Oslo last year. Breivik has admitted to using a faux World of Warcraft addiction to hide his aberrant behaviour, and has also discussed using Call of Duty as a training tool for his savage attacks.

“We feel that playing a lot of computer games gives the impression of a working cognitive function. It is however, something completely different to relate to something in real life, have committed relationships to other people, arrange meetings, go to work in the morning, have a healthy relationship with a girlfriend, or having common social skills,” said Sørheim.

The court’s busy trying to decide whether or not video games could have played a part in Breivik’s mad killing spree. Showing her bias, Sørheim took the opportunity to state that she believes video games to be for children – and that grown humans have no business playing them.

“I would still like to point out that sitting alone in your room and playing games, no matter what the scope of the matter, call it addiction or whatnot, is not normal for a man in his 20’s.”

It’s also worth pointing out that the party invited to supply expert testimony, discussing the psychological impact of video games, has no idea what they’re talking about.   

“We have no form of expertise when it comes to computer games,” Sørheim admitted to the judge moments earlier.

This whole thing is becoming a bit of a farce.

Last Updated: June 18, 2012

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