Age of Empires invades your mobile devices

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I loved Age of Empires, not as much as I loved Red Alert of the real Warcraft games but it was fun and I spent many hours pillaging and destroying other civilisations. So I’m going against the grain here and saying that I like the idea of Age of Empires on my iPad.

This new trailer gives us an idea of what is coming.

Okay, so yes it doesn’t look fantastic but an in-depth strategy game is possibly the only game genre that doesn’t yet exist on the tablets so this could be the bringer of amazing gameplay.

I mean it’s probably going to cost a lot to buy but it will be worth it.. Wait what’s that you say? The game is going to include micro transactions and while you can play for free it will be quicker to just purchase everything?

Hold on while I go get my pitchfork and burning torch you corporate heathens.

Out with you damn spot.

One little surprise is that this Microsoft licensed game is coming to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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