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Albert and Otto failed on Kickstarter but is still being released

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I have a bit of a stuck record complaint about how local game developers seem to be unable to publish games they are working on and simply move on.

Desktop Dungeons took a ridiculous amount of time to release and Broforce also appears to be heading in the same direction while Cadence really should be getting pushed out now as the core game is amazing –  while the planned add-ons are going to make a niche game far more niche.

All of these developers disagree with me, and these are their games so they are welcome to do with them whatever they please – but one local(ish) developer who I feel is doing the right thing is the team behind Albert and Otto.

You may remember I covered them a while back during their failed kickstarter but this morning I received a new email from them with an update that the game is going to be released on the 30th of October 2015 and you can grab an early copy by plonking down $9.99 now and then you will receive the game, an official soundtrack and a poster 10 days before release.

Whether the game is going to be perfect or not really isn’t my biggest concern here. I feel too many local developers are so fearful of criticism that they would rather never release the game and continue living off the hype instead of releasing a product and accepting what comes their way.

So I applaud the man behind Albert and Otto, Nikola Kostic, for putting down a marker for when the game will be released and we will definitely be posting a review of the game as soon as we can. Oh and I called him local(ish) because he apparently spends half his time in Cape Town and the other half in New York. It’s a hard life hey.

And another thing

grumpymanWhen I grabbed that link to my previous post I checked some of the comments again and saw two that I’d like to respond to.

First up from Megan who stated:

On a side note, we’re feeling a little left out here at RetroEpic Software. We’ve been working on our iOS version of A Day in the Woods for ages…since 2011…and we didn’t get a mention here 🙁 Luckily we’re releasing on 2 April 2015 😀 Check out our website for more: http://retroepic.com/our-games…

Well congrats, RetroEpic on releasing your game. I’m sorry I personally didn’t know about it. You also deserve a good job award for getting the game out, and I’m buying it now to give it a try.

Sorry we didn’t cover it, but apparently we did ask and were rejected because of a personal dislike for me. But as I’ve said congrats on getting the game out and I look forward to playing it.

And the second comment is from the Broforce guys

I think what Gavin is advocating is something of a scorched earth policy to game development, i.e. make as much money as quickly as possible and release games regardless of whether the game in question has all the features the players were promised or not.


Considering that Broforce has already paid for its development and then some, investing further in our game, and building a passionate fanbase, makes a lot more sense from a business perspective than releasing an undercooked product that hurts our reputation.

Just to be clear I’m not advocating a scorched earth policy at all, even though that game was excellent. (yes, I know what you really meant)

What I’m saying is that a game/application/artwork can suffer terribly from the idea that it is never finished and you can always add to it. I’m advocating that you set a destination for your project before you start and then when new ideas come up you assign them to the next phase or game. It’s not about making the most money but rather about being able to complete projects efficiently and then moving on to the next one.

Scope Creep is the killer of many a great idea and I feel that it is something that really hurts local development, and not just of the video game variety.

Last Updated: July 7, 2015

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