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Aliens: Colonial Marines gets a terrible new trailer

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Growing up, the scariest movie I ever watched was the original Aliens. I haven’t watched it again since then because it scared the hell out of me and I had nightmares for years… so you can imagine how unsure I am about this upcoming title. Also, I’m never eating spaghetti again. 

But everything I’ve heard and seen about this game so far has gotten me pretty interested and then this happened.

I was instantly horrified by the speech that was over the trailer and started panicking that this may be more Starship Troopers than an Alien franchise…

Thankfully some of that fear has been alleviated by the Chief Create Champ of Gearbox Software tweeting

 You know someone has screwed up a trailer when the writer of the game has to come out and claim he had nothing to do with it.

Last Updated: January 25, 2013

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