Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Wii-U has been delayed

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You hear that? It’s the feint cries of happiness of all the Nintendo Wii-U owners waking up to find out that the seriously sub-standard Aliens: Colonial Marines will not be landing on their device in the near future.

Geoff reviewed the game on Xbox 360 back in February and gave it an incredibly disappointing 4.9 which aligns pretty perfectly with it’s current Metacritic score of

[metacritic mclink=”xbox-360/aliens-colonial-marines”]

The PC and PS3 version fared no better and with the recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK stating that Sega misled the public with the demo video released it doesn’t look like anyone is going to forget this saga anytime soon.

You know what is massively disappointing though? It sold a bucket load of units and will likely still net Sega and Gearbox a tidy profit. But my guess now is that Sega doesn’t want any more negative publicity and that is why we won’t see the title hit Nintendo’s machine at all.

Last Updated: April 4, 2013

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