All future Star Wars game will be official canon

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December 9th, 2010 @ 01:04:50

Star Wars games in the past pretty much had the opportunity to craft whatever story they wanted to. It’s how we got gems like Jedi Outcast, The Force Unleashed and Dark Forces. It’s an approach that is also responsible for turkeys such as Force Commander, Masters of Teras Kasi and that horrid Obi-Wan game. Expect this expanded universe approach to be jettisoned however, as all future Star Wars games tie directly into the official canon.

Which is also all thanks to the fact that the expanded universe canon was placed in the unofficial bin after Disney acquired the Star Wars property through the LucasFilm and LucasArts deal. Millions of Wookiepedia voices cried out in pain, when that decision was made.

Instead, future games are going to be directly tied into the canon of the upcoming new Star Wars movies, according to Gamespot. Lucasfilm announced that “all aspects of Star Wars storytelling moving forward will be connected”. Which means that a dedicated story group will oversee “all Star Wars creative development”.

This new approach has already kicked off with the recent debut of Star Wars Rebels, which also paves the way for Star Wars Episode VII apparently. Throw in DICE’s Battlefront game and the project that Visceral Games is busy with at the moment, and that galaxy  far, far away is about to become much, much bigger.

And hopefully not populated by Gungans.

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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