All Need For Speed DLC is going to be free because “that’s what players deserve”

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I’m busy with Need For Speed right now, and my initial impressions are simple: It’s a solid racer built around a world where you’re constantly being stalked by five audition rejects from the Fast and the Furious who constantly badger you on your cellphone. Honestly, I’m expecting one of them to ask me if I want to go bowling.

Here’s one thing that I have yet to see in Need For Speed however: Micro-transactions. EA games have been notoriously riddled in the past with those payment options, nickel and diming players for ever scrap of coin that they possibly could. So it’s delightfully refreshing to see none of that in Need For Speed. And that’s an idea that developer Ghost Games intends to maintain.

“Honestly, hand on heart, there are absolutely no plans to charge for content in this game,” creative director Craig Sullivan said to Vice.

We’re going to give you everything for free. I’ve seen the plans for what’s going to happen over the next few weeks and months – there’s nothing in there, by which I mean, we don’t even have the ability to charge you in the game. There’s no store to speak of.

Everything we’re doing is focusing on listening to what the fans are asking for. They’re certainly not saying to us, “Can you build a load of stuff and charge us for it?” They’re not saying that, so we’re not doing that.

I know some people when we do press like this, they say, “Yeah, but I’m sure it’ll all change in a week or two, or six months.” It’s not going to. The plan is that there are no transactions in this game.

All of the content that we’re going to give you – a pretty substantial amount in the future, starting pretty soon – is going to be free.

That’s what players deserve.

And that’s something that I can get behind. It’s a risky move for a game that needs to be constantly-online, but it’s going to generate some good will. It also seems to be a trend right now with racing games, as DriveClub recently released a new update that brought private multiplayer lobbies to that game.

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The game is out this week, although reviews haven’t been going from 0-10/10 in the scoring department.

Last Updated: November 5, 2015

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Mistake Not…

    Do we deserve offline play and a pause menu? I guess not.
    I’m so damn butthurt over this game.

    • But But But….. how will people rate my ride and give me “money” if they’re constantly offline

      Ohhhh whats this? share data usage with EA is automatically on? and ohhh wait that’s a new billboard

      Thats what I’m assuming will happen

      • Hammersteyn

        I’m guessing as much. It’s like they’re doing a social experiment or something

    • Captain JJ the Goo

      We don’t deserve options like manual transmission either.
      Remember how in Rivals you couldn’t even change the controls? I’m guessing it’s going to be the same.

    • WitWolfy

      But its been confirmed since its reveal that it was going to be online only…

  • Hammersteyn

    I’m confuckulated by all of this. Why? Why of a sudden the change of heart? Everyone knows they make most of their cash from DLC…

    • Ir0nseraph

      It’s a trap 😛
      They must be up to something this is EA after al.

    • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

      The best thing to do is wait and see…. I ain’t fallen fo no moa’ dem traps!

      • Hammersteyn

        “Everything we’re doing is focusing on listening to what the fans are asking for” These must have clamoured for DLC at one point

        • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

          See, the accent lies in “focusing on listening” which means they have to specifically do it, it’s not something that comes naturally, contrary to any other studio, who actually wait for “fan” or customer responses before continuing and making a mess of things, this also leads me to believe that they never actually tried to connect with their consumers, again, why do they have to make a special effort to focus on the receiving crowd? Anyway, I don’t trust EA with as much of a cent anymore, they have this tendency to disappoint everyone…

    • Captain JJ the Goo

      Marketing and PR
      That’s all.
      Just a big show for the public.

    • WitWolfy

      They did the same with Titanfall. No surprise there…

      • Hammersteyn

        But why only every now and then?

        • WitWolfy

          dont get me wrong I’m not defending them. I think they do it when they see the game is gonna tank. What do gamers love more than playing? Free stuff to keep them playing for longer! Thats my theory.

      • Xp0t

        They did the same for titanfall after I paid a ridiculously high amount on the game + DLC in the Pre-ordered edition on a third party site.

        • WitWolfy

          I didnt. Muhahahaha!

  • Hammersteyn

    Also check the driver in the red car XD

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


  • Nikola

    Is this EA??? I am confused here! I don’t care all I know is I am getting the game tomorrow and I am going to have shit lot of fun instead of complaining:)

    • Hammersteyn

      Believe me, I’m not complaining. How can I? EA has made a cynic out of me and I want to know what the end game is.

      • Nikola

        Hahaha I know they are planning something. But they have been impressing me lately not going to lie Dragon Age was awesome!

    • you must be brain dead or something since you decided to support always online drm…and free dlc, lol, talk about carroting the sheep….

      • Hammersteyn

        We’ve gotten used to it with Destiny. So brain dead may be a little harsh. Even though this can easily be an offline game as well

        • oh a destiney player, there is not much talk about here then. it confirm i was right about the brain dead part.

        • destiny was just another game that can be played offline, i played the whole beta alone. so there was no need to do it as an always online game.. it gave me a good reminder that offline game is needed. when playing the beta i lost connection a few times. when i was at the end of a mission. then i had to start all over again… and never again that bs experience. i will never buy any always online games as long as i live, period.

          • Hammersteyn

            The Raids though, so much fun and such a challenge. Need to have friends for that. Also some of the new Strikes are pretty tough alone

          • Nikola

            Good for u played the beta hahaha! You have not even played quarter of the game! That’s your choice if you don’t want to play online. Some of us enjoy playing online with doing co op with friends!

      • Nikola

        Hmmm I don’t speak to keyboard warriors who insult people and have no idea what they talking about:) We had a guy like you here comment on the website he didn’t last too long…

  • SmurFyZA

    Okay definitely buying this game now. I hope by DLC the mean more cars, because I’d like to see me some Aston Martins and Audis in the game

  • dont fall for it guys… always online drm isnt worth it. the servers will be shutdown, so your basically paying 60 dollars for a rental…

    • Captain JJ the Goo


      • Nikola

        Another Ryanza great…

    • Hammersteyn

      Agreed, wait for the water to cool before you climb in the tub

      • Captain JJ the Goo

        In this case I’ll wait for the water to freeze and then use the ice in my whiskey 🙂

        • Hammersteyn


    • WitWolfy

      Agreed, so platinum that game as fast as you CAN!

  • ElFakio

    It’s a trap!!!!

    • Captain JJ the Goo

      There is no way I’m buying this.

  • Captain JJ the Goo

    10/10 for marketing EA.
    But no thanks.

  • Sean Carbutt

    Does that EA PRO dude eat with the same mouth that he is shovelling all that shit from?

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