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Amazing Spider-Man gets slick new feature

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Spider-man developer Beenox has revealed the new Web Rush mechanic for the Amazing Spider-Man game – and it’s starting to sound like this game could rise to the heights set by Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man; very probably the best games to feature the web-slinging hero.

"We introduce an all-new gameplay mechanic called the Web Rush, which gives players real-time navigational and combat choices," Jacob Berg wrote on the Amazing Spider-Man Facebook page."Web Rush can be triggered on the fly, at any moment and immediately presents you with a variety of situational choices, letting you pull off Spidey’s signature moves like never before."

Amazing Spider-Man, says the developers, "brings back free-roaming in Manhattan, where you guys will be able to swing around and discover a variety of side missions, challenges and mini-games in addition to the main storyline." That’s a good thing. I think more recent Spider-man games have been pretty limited in scope.

The new game’s based on the film reboot, starring Andrew Garfield – and both the film and the game have drawn parallels to Mirror’s Edge.They’ll both be out this year.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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