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Amazon is rebranding Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

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Twitch has been a big money-maker for Amazon ever since the global shopping giant acquired the streaming service several years ago. While the Twitch name is synonymous with the gaming world, Amazon is rebranding it to Prime Gaming, as revealed by The Verge.

The name may be changing, but the service and its exclusive in-game content will still be the same, which includes free games and a monthly Twitch subscription you can drop on your favourite streamer. What the new name does bring is an alignment to many of Amazon’s other Prime services, like Prime video or Prime Reading.

There is perhaps more to the name change though, with Amazon likely to use the service to further expand their reach to the gamer market. Along with owning a few game studios that have so far only released a game that has gone back to the drawing board, it is believed that Amazon could also be potentially looking into the cloud gaming market, of which they could use this service as a way of launching this from. Along with trying to push its own games to subscribers, what Amazon perhaps needs for this to work is to release games that people want to play, something they haven’t had much success with so far.

The regular Twitch service will continue as usual and it’s doubtful that Amazon will look to rebrand this anytime soon, given its massive popularity. Perhaps if the Prime subscription service grows and Amazon’s cloud gaming kicks in, we could see a change to this strategy in the future too.

Last Updated: August 11, 2020

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