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Amazon’s PvP shooter Crucible will be with us shortly and it looks a lot like Battleborn…

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When Amazon isn’t treating its workforce like disposable pieces of garbage, they like to announce to the world that they are capable of making and publishing games. They’ve announced a whole load of new games to be released in the near future but one that’s releasing in the now-now future is a little title called Crucible. With a new trailer dropping yesterday, Amazon has unveiled the free-to-play competitive shooter to the world and while there’re certainly some interesting character designs, it doesn’t look like its doing much to set itself apart from the crowd.

So first off, Crucible is a PvEvP game which is just a shorter way of saying you’ll be fighting actual people while slaughtering loads of AI-controlled aliens. To win a match, hunters will have to track down and eliminate members of the opposing team, complete mission objectives and fend off loads of extra-terrestrial critters looking for their next snack. You’ll start the match off by choosing to play as one of ten unique hunters, each with their own skills and abilities. During the match, hunters can find and collect “essence” which will allow them to level up abilities and grow their strength. Crucible will launch with three game modes, Hearth of the Hives which sees teams fight against massive “hives” in a race to collect some kind of special “hearts”. Harvester Command is basically a control point style of game and Alpha Hunters is your standard elimination match featuring eight two-player teams facing off to be the last squad alive. Battle royale, on a very small scale, essentially. Sound enough like Battleborn yet?


The trailer does a great job of showing off some of the game’s unique character designs but beyond that it looks like a pretty standard title, even a touch bland. Which isn’t to say the game will be that, the trailer just doesn’t do a great job of showing what makes it different from the many other games that have come before it. There’s still a chance that Crucible will actually release as a super decent game but given what’s been shown so far, I can’t really say I’m interested. Crucible is launching for PC on May 20.

Last Updated: May 6, 2020

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