Amiibo places third in Super Smash Bros tournament

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Amiibo is essentially Nintendo’s answer to the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, allowing fans to not only purchase awesome collectibles, but also make use of them across various titles (to a certain extent). Arguably the best use of Amiibo is in Super Smash Bros, where the figurine imparts a digital avatar to the game to brawl, all with it’s own unique stats and such. How good could that AI be though? Pretty damn good apparently, because somebody entered an Amiibo figurine into a tournament, and it placed third.

The Amiibo in question was Fox, the blisteringly fast character from the Star Fox series of games. Over on twitter, @_daze posted up a series of pics depicting the rise of the plastic character through the tournament (via Kotaku)

It is worth nothing that the Amiibo figures can be levelled up, and they receive stronger-than-average statistics the higher their level is. Still, I thought it was hilarious. Can you imagine being one of the best Super Smash Bros players in a big tournament, and you sit down to face… a piece of plastic? Sure you can call foul, saying that it’s unfair, but what fan would support somebody who isn’t brave enough to face a toy?

I have to agree with Kotaku though, how cool would it be to have Amiibo only tournaments where trainers set up and tweaked their virtual brawlers? It would really feel like something out of Pokémon!

Last Updated: November 25, 2014

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