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Among Us player count jumps to 2 million after Epic Games Store giveaway, nothing sus about that

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You’d be forgiven for thinking the time of Among Us has come and gone. While it’s certainly not dead by any means, the numbers the game is pulling in this year are much smaller than they were in 2020. It makes sense, given that people are slowly returning to their normal lives in a post-pandemic world. Yet after the giveaway on the Epic Games Stores, it seems there’s life still left in Among Us. According to Victoria Tran, community director on Among Us, the daily player count has jumped to around 2 million. That’s certainly a massive spike from the 350,000 daily players Among Us was averaging before it was free on the Epic Games Store…

Tran did provide some caveats to the story, specifying that spike in players is for PC. They also mention that the week Among Us was free featured a long weekend for many Americans, which may be another factor to the jump in numbers. What’s interesting to note is that while the data specifies PC players only, Tran did state that many weren’t new players and have accounts on other platforms. Clearly people just like the idea of owning Among Us on as many platforms as possible. Let’s be real, who can turn down a free PC game, right?


Among Us saw a meteoric rise to success in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic. Well, that’s only one factor, honestly. Sure, the game encourages conversation between players and people starved for that very quickly ate it up. However, the game’s relatively cheap price on PC and a free mobile version helped catapult it to one of the year’s most successful games, despite it launching in 2018. The giveaway on the Epic Games Store has only further grown what remains a diehard fanbase and community. Among Us is currently free on the Epic Games Store until 7 June.

Last Updated: June 1, 2021

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