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An inside look at the Xbox One controller

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At E3 this year, I got my greasy hands on the Xbox One controller, much to the dismay of the staff who only then noticed that I had been snacking on some greasy pick me-up food. One sanitary hand wipe later and I was jamming some games with the new input device. It may not look all that different from the current Xbox 360 controller, but trust me, this device is something else underneath that plastic.

Which all leads to this new video from Microsoft where Xbox community dude Larry Hyrb and Xbox One general manager Zulfi Alam talk about the new controller.

Don’t have the bandwidth to watch that? Well here’s the easy crib noted version:

  • Haptic feedback controller
  • Better design
  • IR LEDS that work with Kinect to identify who is handling the controller
  • Redesigned rumble motors
  • Wireless latency has been reduced, making this controller 20 times more responsive than the original wireless Xbox 360 controller

I truly do like the Xbox One controller, but this is mostly due to those vibrating triggers which filled me with rumbly joy. And together with the PlayStation 4 controller, this might be the most ergonomically comfortable gaming generation ever.

Last Updated: August 13, 2013

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