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An update on miNt Gaming

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The Lazy Gamer sponsored E-Sports team, miNt Gaming has stepped up to the plate and have really impressed the gaming community. The team has acquired 13 top5 placings in the last few months really cementing their role as a top gaming team in the South African E-sports community.

We are all very pleased with the progress of miNt Gaming, all our teams have performed extremely well during competitions and have produced some excellent results. Although most of our teams have gone through some lineup changes, we believe they have helped the teams gain experience, as well as improve on their game play which will help during the AGASA league and the next round of BOTC tournaments.

The miNt Team Fortress 2 team decided to disband after placing 3rd just behind Pantheon and Brazen in the BOTC v1 tournament. The organisation has been on the lookout for young new talent that will be able to compete with the best that South Africa has to offer, and fill the shoes of the former miNt.tf2 team.

The Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 teams have both moved up a division after the first leg of AGASA matches. With the Counter-Strike: Source team being drafted into the premiere league, and the Call of Duty 4 team being moved to the 1st division after a narrow loss to Borg – Cyborgs in their last match, meaning they could not move up to the premiere league.

However the real stars of the show is the miNt dota team who is ranked 2nd overall, and has been in a tough battle with Bravado for first place in the AGASA weekend cup. They have shown their determination to be the best and it has paid off for the team in the long run.

The only way the team can go from here is up, they have met all expectations from their peers and fellow gamers. The Co-owners have promised future tournaments coming from the organisation as well as more news and an even better website that will enable them to do the above mentioned.

The only thing the team needs now is a sponsor to get them down to rAge later this year, where all the top teams will gather to fight it out at one of the biggest gaming events in South Africa, where their teams will become serious contenders trying to beat out the competition for the DotA, Call of Duty 4, Quake and Counter-Strike titles.

Considering that they have only been around for a few months, this can only be considered a preview of what is to come from the organization, proof that gaming in South Africa continues to grow and flourish.

Check out their website over at www.mintgaming.co.za

Last Updated: April 28, 2009

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