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And this is why the Metal Gear Solid HD collection had a lack of Twin Snakes

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Metal Gear fans were in for a treat this year, when a compilation of the iconic espionage games rolled out in one affordable bundle and increased widening of the aspect ratios. Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Peace Walker, while sometimes awkward and clumsy due to the archaic control scheme, were still fun games to play. Notice anything missing from that list? That would be the very first MGS game, which set the standard for cinematic gaming. And considering that an HD version was available, fans were wondering why it was excluded.

Originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2004, Twin Snakes was a remake that utilised all the improvements to the franchise from Sons of Liberty, and added in new scenes and other enhancements.

And quite frankly, it was pretty damn good, perhaps even better than the first sequel and the original. So why was it passed over when it the HD collection was compiled together? Well, as Sean Eyestone of Kojima Productions explained in a podcast, the reason why was because:

That was a remake made by Silicone Knights. We supervised it but we didn’t create it directly and we wanted to make sure that everything in the HD Collection was canon. Everything that goes into there is something created directly by Kojima Productions and Kojima himself. So that is the reason why Twin Snakes was not included in HD Collection.

And all this time I thought it was because Hideo Kojima didn’t like the idea of someone making his game actually playable and far superior to what he imagined.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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