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And we’re back… well nearly

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Happy New Year you wonderful people, I truly hope you had an awesome break and are now ready for an excellent 2013 with 2 new consoles expected and a plethora of awesome games.

We’re not officially back until Monday but unlike those other lazy sods I have to be back at work today which means I’ll be posting again and we can finally see if the new dynamic feature block I made in the holidays actually works. The new feature block is meant to show you what everyone thinks is really interesting right now so keep an eye on it to see it changing dynamically.. or falling apart since we haven’t really tested it.

Don’t expect our normal amount of posts and with Geoff still on leave I apologise up front for my bad grammar and spelling… you’d think by now I would know the difference between its and it’s but I really have no idea.

So what did you get up to this holiday? I pretty much just spent my time playing Far Cry 3, FIFA 13 and swimming which was pretty awesome.

Last Updated: January 2, 2013

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