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Anonymous list their demands for Sony

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In my opinion Anonymous are just one step below a terrorist organisation, I think it’s mainly because they have decided that we need them to fight our battles for us are prancing around like they are somehow better than what they really are.

The truth is they are a random assortment of hackers with no real morals or direction who are pretty much doing all of this for lulz.. Unfortunately that is exactly why they are going to be able to get away with this for longer than an organised group.

However it does look like they have realised the average gamer really doesn’t care about them and all they are doing by attacking the PSN (badly) is to simply annoy gamers in general so it sounds like they are now taking a different approach.

From now on the rumour is that they are simply going to attack Sony’s websites and leave the network alone… that is until Sony folds and gives in to their demands.

Seriously, demands.. who do they really think they are? Not to mention for a group that never forgets they seemed to have moved on from VISA and Amazon pretty quickly. I think they just get bored pretty quickly so don’t expect this to last long.

Anyway, here are their demands in typical video format.

Last Updated: April 7, 2011

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