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Anthem players are currently boycotting the game over recent loot drop changes

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Anthem is…a lot of things, and most of them are a toss-up between mediocre and straight up baffling. Instead of being the grand new chapter for Bioware that promises players a saga that would rock the very heavens, Anthem’s greatest sin is that it’s boring. That hasn’t stopped the game from acquiring a dedicated audience who are sticking around to see if Bioware can salvage this project, but they aren’t too happy with the current state of the game either.

One of the big complaints? The middling loot, whose quality isn’t up to snuff according to them after a recent hotfix made the drop rate for decent loot, worse. Bioware’s original plan was for Freelancers above level 30 to have a better chance at finding Legendary and Masterwork gear, although the latest patch seems to have made those odds slimmer than ever before.

What’s an Anthem fan to do? Start a boycott, that’s what.

It all started with a player by the name of Afinda calling for action amongst the Anthem community. “You’re Pissed? You want to make a point once and for all? Well, what could hurt a game that has Real Money transactions for cosmetics (lol, yeah there are nearly none i know) or is a live service more than anything?” Afinda wrote on reddit.

Get your point across, simple as that. Stop Playing the game for a whole Week (Hopefully with the support of the entire Subreddit) to show BioWare that all it’d take for us to really enjoy the game, is to receive loot.

From March 11 to March 15, the goal is to not play Anthem, which is actually pretty easy. I’ve been boycotting the game since February, when I’d had enough time in the tank to do a proper review on it. I’m ahead of the curve, like that. With over 12 000 upvotes so far on the original post, chances are high that Alfida’s protest may gain some ground.

Especially with Ubisoft releasing The Division 2 this week, which so far, scratches many of the itches that Anthem can’t reach: Diverse activities, a world that is actually interesting to explore and a proper plan for endgame content that’ll last long enough for new content to be cycled in throughout the year. That, and upgrading your weapons actually has an effect on dealing damage to enemies.

“We appreciate all the feedback from the community on the game,” BioWare head of live service Chad Robertson said on Twitter.

Anthem has potential to shine, but right now, it’s a going to be a long road to reach a level of polish that’ll make that collection of good ideas gel together as a great game.

Last Updated: March 12, 2019

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