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Anthem will have matchmaking options for all of its activities

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Video games are more socially connected than ever before these days. They’re portals to online communities, hubs for groups to meet up and unlikely hangouts for even random people to have a chat when you think about it. I hate it, I hate your faces and I just want to be left alone dammit, stop joining my fireteam in Destiny 2 and doing Carlton emote dances around me. LEAVE ME ALONE VIDEO GAMES.

Social pariah status aside, there is some charm in video games that allow for matchmaking in certain modes. Take the aforementioned Destiny 2 and its delicious ability to throw teams together for a quick Nightfall Strike or a more titanic raid. Good modes to play, but also optional and divorced from the single-player adventure that you’re capable of having.

With a month to go until it releases, you might want to check your friends list as it looks like EA and Bioware’s Anthem is going in the opposite direction and will feature matchmaking for all of its activities according to lead producer Ben Irving. All of them:

If the thought of having to converse with people makes you break out in a cold sweat, worry not. Irving explained that while matchmaking will be enabled by default, players can opt out of group activities and go for a lone wolf approach if it suits them better and they prefer not to play with randos. Or friends, if you have them. I wish I knew what it was like to have friends.

It’s nice to have both options. Personally, I like a bit of solitude in my gaming, but it remains to be seen just how far you’ll get in Anthem’s activities if you solo them. So far, Anthem’s biggest known endgame activity seems to be Strongholds, massive dungeons filled with all manner of high level danger and loot.


Now, won’t you be my friend?…Dammit, nobody is going to get this joke.

Last Updated: January 16, 2019

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