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Anti-Kinect pro-feminist game?!

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The world of Indie games is weird, we know this.  But wow, this takes it to a whole other level!  Perfect Woman challenges the media imposed ideas of how women are meant to behave.  Moving through seven different age-stages, you make decisions about your life.  However, a perfect youth might make it more difficult to have a perfect old age.

It all started because Peter Lu, one of the game designers, concluded after making a Kinect game that “the Kinect was good for just about nothing.”   Apparently, the game is based on two main concepts. First, commenting on how society has created and perpetuated ideals about the “Perfect Woman” whereby the ideal life at one age can directly contradict the ideal life at another age. Second, highlighting the unreliable nature of the Kinect and encouraging players to cheat the system. In fact, the developer says 

The kinect is a bad device. It is unresponsive and its output data is unreliable. We wanted to embrace these qualities of the device. The ‘bad’ interface is simply another (fun) challenge in the game (…). There are many so called “impossible” levels but with the aid of chairs, friends and mannequins, anything is possible.

Not sure who has mannequins lying around their house, but still seems like a cool approach.  The developers are hoping to release the game by the end of the year, but you can watch them play the existing version here:

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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