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Apex Legends cheaters are being banned at the hardware level

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I despise cheating in games. Actually, let me clarify that a bit. I have no problem with cheating in video games, if you’re cheating in a single player one and want to tailor an experience to your needs or wants. If you want infinite health or unlimited ammo to take the edge off of mowing down nazis/robots/aliens at the end of a gruelling day, then power to you.

What I really don’t like is people who cheat in multiplayer games, ruining the experience for other people. Those people are scumbags, and it seems they’ve just been given another swing of the banhammer in Respawn’s Apex Legends. Last month, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said that the company had waged a secret war on cheaters.

“We are reaching out and working directly with experts, both within and outside of EA, in this area that we can learn from. Scaling up our anti-cheat team so we have more dedicated resources. We are adding a report feature on PC to report cheaters in game that goes directly to Easy-Anti-Cheat. We’re keeping a lot of our strategy close to the chest so offenders don’t have time to build workarounds before we implement changes.”

It looks like that strategy is becoming clearer, and the most recent spate of bans have denied access to cheaters on a hardware level. The Hardware ID (HWID) code is unique to each to PC, and the most egregious Apex Legends cheaters have had theirs banned.


It means that IP changes and new accounts won’t (new accounts are insta-banned) let these scumbags back in the game, meaning that their only recourse is to buy a new computer. That becomes an expensive exercise when your only real goal is to be a dick to others in an online video game. Of course, there are ways to spoof the HWID through flashing the firmware on or replacing bits of hardware, but it’s a lot more technical than running a simple, paid-for cheating program.

Last Updated: April 8, 2019

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