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Apex Legends Season 6–Boosted teased, kicks off in two weeks

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You know, I’m still playing Apex Legends. Even when I find myself on the verge of slipping off it, I just happen to play a game that reminds me why it’s become my daily go-to distraction. The game that I don’t mind carving out an hour or two of my evening to play with friends because it’s just that good. I still maintain it’s the best battle royale game on the market, with strong characters and an overarching plot that wrap up a package of excellent gunplay and movement into something so unique in an industry flooded by cheap imitators and knock-offs. Season 6 has been looming for a while now, and while there are still some questions to answer regarding Loba, her quest to kill Revenant and what the legends find buried beneath King’s Canyon (Titanfall 2 fans were no doubt stoked), I’m very excited to check out Rampart and what exactly she’s bringing to the table.

Respawn Entertainment continued their trend of producing fantastic trailers with the Season 6 teaser which was brief yet so stylish and foot-tapping that it hardly even mattered. So what’s new in Season 6 – Boosted? Well, the big one is new legend Rampart and her mounted-turret Shelia. She’s smiles manically while shooting, has a non-American accent and lovingly named her main gun; they just added The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, huh? Beyond Rampart, a new SMG, the Volt, is being added to the game, a weapon which is returning from the Titanfall games and a crafting system which will allow players to pick up materials to “craft something better”.


The teaser specifies that Season 6 is kicking off on 18 August, which is just under two weeks away. There’ll be a new battle pass with loads of items to unlock once again, so if you still need to finish Season 5’s Pass, I’d recommend you get grinding right away.

Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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