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Are Microsoft about to announce full 3D for the Xbox 360?

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The E3 rumours are starting to come thick and fast now and this latest one is something I am quite sure will happen even though I don’t want it to.

According to an anonymous source, aren’t the best rumours always linked to anonymous sources, anyway according to this anonymous source not only can the Xbox 360 handle full stereoscopic 3D but it can do it better than the PS3.

According to this source however only the Xbox 360 units with HDMI will be capable of doing this which means that if Microsoft announce it they will be cleaving their install base in half which is something they have tried desperately not to do since releasing the first Xbox 360.

Granted there can’t be many non-HDMI Xbox 360’s left after the RRDO fiasco but if even one exists then they have a problem. If they believe in 3D enough however then they may offer a free upgrade to all the old Xbox 360 owners to ensure they keep their platform uniform. There are already games that are capable of running in 3D on Microsoft’s console, like Black Ops and Avatar, but they split the data in two half-resolution frames, and then overlay them for 3D.

I however don’t want 3D on my Xbox 360, I hate 3D movies and most 3D games are pretty woeful. I do enjoy my 3DS but once again I turn off the 3D quite quickly on average even on that.

But this is an easy win over Sony for Microsoft so I do expect them to announce it this year anyway and then after 2-3 games (Gears included) are released in 3D we can kick it to the curb and continue to game normally again.

That is until I can get my 3D fix without glasses and without feeling sick after 30 minutes.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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