Are the new PS3 Dynamic Themes a waste of Money?

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So with the release of the new PS3 Firmware, one of the new features are dynamic themes. This is an updated version of the current theme by having animated backgrounds, that can change according to the time of day, sixaxis movement and analog stick commands.

So far the only one that uses one of these features is the LBP theme. There are two major problems that I see:

1) the themes price tag is a bit hefty, sitting at 3$ (Yes you can only get them from the USA store), and

2) do you really care what the background does?I mean I only see the XMB when I boot the system up and when I swap games, or movies. Are people really watching the XMB that much, that a standard wallpaper just didn’t cut it?

Well Q-Games head Dylan Cuthbert, also seems to think that these dynamic might be a waste and that they won’t make any money.
“Sony Computer Entertainment wanted to spice up the background a bit and static pictures just didn’t cut the mustard, so we collaborated with them to make a system where developers can display what they want and animate and move them around. This definitely adds a little life to the PS3’s background so be sure to try it out.”

He then goes on to say,

“Remember that we’ll be lucky to sell even a few thousand themes, and so the cost of developing the theme (3-4 weeks of coder/artist time, checking, testing, etc.) will still far exceed any money we make from it.”

So are developers willing to create these themes, and not make much of a profit? I bought the new LBP one and yes it is great to see but it was a rip off, and I am too busy playing games and watching movies to be watching a theme. If they dropped the price then I will consider buying some others.

Oh there is one that you can download for free on the Japanese store, to see how go here.


Last Updated: September 10, 2009

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