Are the Sims about to hit the Xbox 360 in a big way?

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This Sims coming to the Xbox 360 I was over at doobiwan’s blog this weekend and I noticed that he has posted another Evil Genius conspiracy theory. However this time I think he may have hit the goldmine in a big way.

We have heard a lot about Home which is coming to the PS3 and I and many other like me have likened it to Second Life. However somehow we seemed to have missed a very clear comparison. It’s a bit like the Sims isn’t it?

So what are the odds of Microsoft getting into bed with EA Games and buying out console exclusivity for another version of the Sims. If they can organise it so that the Sims becomes an alternative to your dashboard they will decimate Home even before it launches and possibly capture a huge slice of the casual gaming market.

I personally am not a fan of the Sims, however the power of the Sims cannot be overlooked. The games following is absolutely huge and if you are looking for a relatively untapped market then this is it.

How far a stretch is it to see yourself loading up the Sims from the dashboard, walking over to your mates place and waiting there for everyone else to join before launching GTA or COD4….

So do you think we are going to hear about a new MMO Sims game for the Xbox 360 at this years E3, it would take away any glory that Sony may have built up.

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Last Updated: March 25, 2008

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