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Are The Top Retailers Rejecting the Xbox 360?

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There is a very worrying rumour doing the rounds that just won’t quit.

Apparently some of the most well known retailers in South Africa are now refusing to stock the Xbox 360 consoles anymore, they will still stock the games though Apparently not… check the bottom for the update.

According to the rumours Toys R Us, Reggies and Game have all decided to no longer sell the hardware due to the incredibly high return rate related to RROD.

Now when I first heard this I put it down to some store clerk who didn’t know what they were talking about, then when the rumours persisted I put it down to the well known local stock shortage. However I finally broke down and sent some emails to the distributors and their PR company and I have heard absolutely nothing back.

Which is the most worrying sign as they are normally quite good at responding with information or even a simple no comment.

So is it true? Have the local retailers given up on the Xbox 360?

If so it would be a huge blow to Microsoft South Africa and our chances of getting official Xbox live anytime this century, it would also be a huge turning point in the local wars ,which are sitting at 50/50 at the moment.

It would also be a huge blow to our aspirations to be treated as a first world gaming country, we need all three consoles to stay healthy here.

I know the latest batch of Xbox 360’s is arriving at the retailers today so I guess without any official comment coming the best we can do is keep an eye out on your local Toys R Us and Reggies stores to see if the stock get replenished.

[Update 1] It has just been confirmed that Reggies will no longer be stocking Xbox 360 software as they don’t think it has been doing very well. I was told to make sure that I mentioned the fact that most Xbox 360 games are aimed at 16+ and Reggies aims at a much younger market than that… Which makes sense but it is still a blow to Xbox in this country.

Last Updated: May 9, 2008

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