Are We Getting Xbox Live?

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I noticed this morning when trying to log in to that it was down for maintenance, something that wasn’t advertised anywhere and doesn’t appear on Major Nelson’s blog. When opening, it generally reads your IP address and directs you to your localised Xbox site. On a whim, I tried specifically going to the US and UK sites and they’re fully functional. This begs the question; are we finally getting Xbox live?

People have also recently noticed that downloading items from Xbox Live Marketplace has been markedly quicker, leading to much supposition and conjecture – Is this the result of a local Limelight Content Distribution Network, an upgrade to Telkom’s infrastructure, the recently landed Seacom cable or could it be a portent of South Africans finally being recognised as legitimate Xbox Live users?

Logging on to the ZA specific Xbox site loads normally, which throws a bit of a cog in the rumour mill – but we’ve gotta have a bit of hope, right?

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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