Are we going to be kicked off Xbox Live?

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The new Xbox 360 dashboard update was meant to land today but it seems to have gone AWOL…

Just long enough for the Internet to start a virtual mob…. Why?

Well the rumours are going around that once we update to the new dashboard update we are going to be kicked off Xbox Live! completely.

No more arcade games or downloadable content or multiplayer gaming…. Why? Well Microsoft is trying it’s best to stop people outside of the US from downloading US only movies as this breaks the contractual agreement they have with the blood suckers  media corporations that make the shows.

My personal feeling is that we are just going to be banned from downloading the movies and TV shows and everything else will stay as normal. Which won’t make a blind bit of difference to us since due to Telkom it costs more to download a movie that it would to import  the limited edition version of the same movie.

However if we are in fact thrown of the network are you going to send the Xbox back or would you still keep it for single player games?

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Last Updated: May 7, 2007

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