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Are you Joburg’s Laziest Gamer?

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Were you paying attention yesterday? Did you hear that the Nintendo XL would be doing the rounds and attending three community events all over the country? If not read here but more importantly if you are in Joburg then you get to enter our brand new competition eloquently named “Joburg’s Laziest Gamer”

But much like running the countries best gaming site this isn’t a challenge where you get to sit back and drool all day, you’re actually going to need to put some effort in to walk away with the title and the adoration of thousands hundreds tens of fans.

The premise is quite simple, all you have to do is rock up at the next JHBGamer event, which just happens to be the Nintendo XL event, dominate at the chosen game (It’s Mario Kart this time) and if you win you get a prize (A Nintendo 3DSXL.. yes we are serious) and we’ll take your picture, ask you awkward questions and then post an article about you on the site.

If you’re really lucky we’ll even tweet it at random people to annoy the twitterati and generally amuse ourselves.. but back to the details.

The Nintendo XL event will be held at Cafe Culture in Fourways (near Montecasino) on the 28th of July and it will start at 11am. If you want to be part of the festivities then simply fill in this registration form and rock up on the day.

Side note, don’t let the name of the place worry you it’s actually a pretty awesome bar/club type thing and I was well impressed the last time I went.

We’ll be drinking from 12 so feel free to get a cab if you’re over 18.

Now I’m rambling.. quick sign up and come say hi on the day.

Last Updated: July 11, 2012

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