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Are you ready to help Lucifer win? (Videogame)

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Depending on your religious persuasion I think the questions of whether or not you are willing to help Lucifer win his battle will be harder to handle.

If you’re an atheist then it logically wouldn’t make a difference to you while if you are a Christian the question itself could come across as offensive.

But this is a question that a new game, El Shaddai: Ascension of Metatron, is bringing to the fore as you are thrust into an alternate reality, which has been based heavily on the bible.

However this time not only isn’t Lucifer the bad guy but rather he is a likeable guy who is actually a good guy. There are bad angels for you to take out your wrath on though so the basic theory is still there it’s just been heavily altered.

When asked if they are worried that people are going to get upset or offended the developers responded with a simple

We’ve had Norse mythology. We’ve had Greek mythology. We’ve had Japanese mythology, can we have Christian mythology? Is it something we’re allowed to do? Will it offend people?

I can’t see a logical reason why this would offend anyone to be honest but at the same time I have met enough far leaning Christians to know that the developers are likely going to be harassed into removing any bible related connections.

The story so far is based around the book of Enoch which is an alternate to the book of Genesis and your mission is to stop a bunch of rogue angels from corrupting humanity before God releases a flood to destroy the tower of Babel and the humans building it.

But in the end Lucifer is your cellphone toting companion which is the part I just don’t see any heavily religious people getting past. I suspect the first claims against the game is that it’s been designed to turn our children to Lucifer which would unfortunately just be missing the point entirely.

I then suspect they will be upset that Lucifer is portrayed as a good looking and smart man, again completely forgetting that even in their religion he is a fallen angel so the whole monster idea never really stands up to reason.

What do you feel though, are the games developers going too far now?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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