Arstechnica has played on Microsofts motion controller and loved it

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Motion sensing
There is a story on arstechnica today about them having demoed the yet un-announced Xbox 360 motion controlling hardware already. And thinking back I remember reading about it on their site last year after E3.

The difference was that back then it was called 3DV and was meant to be about to be released as a stand alone application for under $100, well earlier this year it was reported that Microsoft were in talks to buy 3DV and now we are hearing rumours about a motion sensing controller coming out.

On top of that some of the top guys in Microsoft have been more than happy to tell journalists that Microsoft have some major announcements coming at E3 this year that will change the way we game forever.

From what I have read so far I have to say that I am excited, purely from the home entertainment aspect you will be able to rewind, fast forward or pause your movie all with gestures and these same gestures will then be used to flick through your family photo album or music listings… can anyone say “Minority Report”.

According to Arstechnica the technology was mature and working incredibly well over a year ago so if Microsoft has purchased them and dumped a load of cash on top of it we could be in for some very exciting times.

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Source: Arstechnica

Last Updated: May 6, 2009

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