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As expected, the trailer for Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favour is fantastic

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Respawn has set a pretty ding dang high benchmark when it comes to trailers for Apex Legends. While they’re few and far between, the best ones usually coincide with the launch of a new season for the game and last night’s reveal was no exception. After already introducing the world to the grown-up Loba Andrade, the little girl who has her parents brutally assassinated by fellow legend Revenant in a previous short cinematic, we now have a much better idea of what we can expect from the world-renowned thief. If the trailer is anything to go by, she looks like she’s bringing a pretty unique skillset to the game.

Look, it’s a cinematic trailer so I’m going off my interpretation of everything. None of her abilities have been confirmed but from the looks of things, her movement ability will involve a short range teleporter and maybe even some kind of vault due to the bo staff she whips out around half-way through the trailer. Her more offensive ability appears to be an explosive device that runs off a timer but easily the coolest hint involves her ability to teleport unclaimed weaponry (and presumably other loot too) directly into her hands. Which is both super cool but also I have enough team mates yoinking all the good stuff for themselves already. Now they’ll be able to do it from a distance? Great, exactly what the game needed.


As for the map, well this is harder to speculate on. It appears that Loba infiltrates some kind of underground facility below King’s Canyon, meaning there could be a new zone for players to explore. Yet at the end of the trailer, we also see her explosives causing a large landslide, essentially sinking the massive skeleton that surrounded Skull Town. Guess everyone’s favourite mid-tier loot zone is no longer in play? We now also know that Season 5 of Apex Legends is titled Fortune’s Favour, obviously due to Loba being a well-respected thief. The new season starts on May 12, which is nearly upon us, so go and finish up that battle pass and save up for the new legend!

Last Updated: May 6, 2020

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