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Assassin's Creed 3 Independence trailer

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Tomorrow’s the 4th of July – which is not only dirty Tom Cruise in a wheelchair day, it’s also the US’s independence day – meaning Will Smith and a nervous Jeff Goldblum get to save the world again. To celebrate, Ubisoft’s released an Independence Day trailer of Assassin’s Creed 3 – showing wholesale massacre of those red-coated, swirly moustached, tea-swilling ponces; the British.

French-rooted developer Ubisoft’s has previously stated that it’s got nothing against the Brits, saying:

“It’s assassins versus Templars. There’s a revolution going on and Connor will experience all facets of it. It’s not as simple as Templars backing the crown and assassins backing the patriots, it’s really two factions at war against the backdrop of another war. I have nothing against the Brits. It occurs against the backdrop of the Revolutionary war. And to be even more evasive, everyone back then was a Brit, this was not Americans against British – this was a British civil war.”

It’s easy to believe otherwise watching this trailer though; it certainly seems to depict the British as “the bad guys.” interestingly, the game’s protagonist Connor “Ratonhnhaké:ton” Kenway is describes as being of Mohawk and British decent. Of course that stands to reason; in the US’ colonial era, just about everybody who wasn’t native American was of British descent.

What do you think? Is Ubisoft pandering to American (RA RA!) sensibilities in the same manner as say, Call of Duty (and every other manshoot war fighter)?

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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