Assassin’s Creed Rogue makes you a puppet master

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ACR air rifle

I’m excited to see what the new Assassin’s Creed games will bring. While Unity looks fantastic, I’m also curious about Rogue. Sure, it won’t be revolutionary (see what I did there?) like Unity, but it will round out the Kenway saga and push the limits of the old generation consoles. Plus, you get a cool rifle.

While you might think that once you go rogue and join the templars everything becomes easy thanks to their unending cash, the reality is that you might end up pretty paranoid. After all, you are stalking the most dangerous prey in the world – the assassins themselves. Producer Ivan Balabanov explains in a new Ubisoft blog:

“We want you to have the feeling that if you make one wrong step, you’re dead,” Balabanov says. This plays out most obviously with the Stalkers, a new enemy type that hides in hay bales, skulks in shadows and prowls on rooftops. The most disconcerting part? Shay can sense when a Stalker is nearby when he hears whispers – an eerie audio cue that ratchets up the tension while showcasing Shay’s heightened sense thanks to his combination of Assassin and Templar training.

“The whispers are a good feedback mechanism because they make you aware that you are being hunted,” Balabanov says. “They add this little edge of paranoia.”

ACR combat

Shay will have a bunch of new tools at his disposal, including a stronger ship. However, it’s the air rifle that will open up the most new options for gameplay. While the rifle sounds similar to the berserk darts of previous games, the world is more systemic and making someone go berserk can have far reaching effects, as Balabanov experienced for himself:

I berserked a dog in New York. The dog went crazy and started biting a gang member. The gang member killed the dog. One of the civilians in the crowd saw this happen and ran off and brought back some British guards. The gang members were still agitated from the dog and attacked the guards when they arrived. The guards immediately responded and called for reinforcements. Ultimately, there was a very big fight between the guards and the gang members. I used this as a distraction to move forward and accomplish my objectives in the mission, almost without a shot fired.

Now that sounds like some fun. It’s more than just making a guard go berserk and kill his brothers in arms – this can change how gangs and others respond to each other. Here’s hoping it’s truly this systemic; I like pulling strings like this, playing puppet master in the city. Yes, skulking around in the shadows and getting tons of corpses piled up in my hay bale is a ton of fun, but I also like causing panic and mayhem, something that seems even more fitting once going rogue.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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