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Assassin’s Creed South Africa – Fanart

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Fear me

We often complain about the complete and utter lack of locally themed games but an artist on reddit, apocalypsebrad, has posted up his view of what Assassin’s Creed South Africa would be like and it’s actually pretty impressive.

To be fair to Brad I don’t think he’s from here but what he’s done is find a tribe indigenous to South Africa, Zulu, and then googled that and turned what he found into an assassin.

I’d imagine the story of Shaka Zulu would have an entirely different timeline if Shaka was in fact a trained assassin.

Ezio Zulu?

Personally I love the addition of the spear but what do you think? Is this awesome or just a ridiculous stereotype?

Would you play it?

Last Updated: May 8, 2012

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