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Assassin’s Creed Unity – Nostradamus Enigma Guide

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When it came to predictions, Nostradamus was about as accurate as a level 1 Call Of Duty player adopting the tactic of “pray and spray” during online matches. He was in fact, dubiously incorrect in every single prediction he ever made, but that hasn’t stopped him from somehow appearing in various media throughout the ages. The bearded prophet has a role to play in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and it involves enigmas that can be used to unlock further. But you’ll need to unlock a series of runes first. Here’s where you can find all of them.

If you’re looking for a specific riddle, remember that CTRL+F is your best friend.

Mercurius / Constellation

ACU Cafe theatre

  • Riddle 1: “The lady of the domicile / Judges comings and goings / From her couch-like throne / At the top of the stair.”

Inside the Cafe Theatre mansion and at the top of the main staircase, the symbol can be found on a painting.

  • Riddle 2: “Lowly sinners, as each we are, / Aspire to the domed heav’ns. / Fickle fate points beyond, / Where a supine city Beckons.”

Right on top of the Cafe Theatre weathervane.

Terra / Constellation

ACU Bastille

  • Riddle 1: “Hedged in her garden, / A wingéd-warrior stands, / Unmoving and unmoved, / At the cross’s very heart.”

North of the Bastille, there is a statue of an angel holding a spear. You’ll find the symbol on that statue.

  • Riddle 2: “Forever more, / The warrior fights her ceaseless battle. / She takes aim, her steady spear / Poised against the demons.”

Follow the direction that the spear points to, and you’ll come across a church that has gargoyle sculptures. You’ll find the symbol at the base of this statue.

  • Riddle 3: “To be punished or to be amused, / The green heritage of Daedalus / Sees the lofty Bishop looming / Over the resting Rook.”

Head north from the gargoyles until you find a tower that resembles a chess rook piece. The symbol will be found on the roof of this building.

Saturnus / Constellation

ACU Boulevard du Palais

  • Riddle 1: “I wield two blades / Flanked by Justice and Law / I strike true and fair, hour by hour / For monarchs and peasants alike.”

In the Boulevard du Palais, the symbol can be found on a big clock.

  • Riddle 2: “Encircled by 24 petals of light / Our Lady of the Rose watches, silent as stone / O’er believers below / Look to the Lady lit by the setting sun / Look to the blossoming rose”

At Notre Dame Cathedral, you’ll find the next symbol on the west side of that landmark.

  • Riddle 3: “Stay with Our Lady, standing between flowing waters. / Count one for each book of the Pentateuch from rose to transept. / Five arches, five wide-open eyes, five nightmares. / The last sits atop our treasure: / The gate to the infinite.”

Staying at the cathedral, the final symbol can be found beneath the fifth arch.

Scorpio / Constellation

ACU Scorpio

  • Riddle 1: “At the foot of the Saint Twin Brothers, / The Tree of Justice / Plunges its ancient roots, / Scarred by heavenly wrath”

At the Church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais, the symbol rests at the foot of a tree.

  • Riddle 2: “Sanctuary of Bishops by birth, / Stronghold of knowledge for life, / The stoney edifice / Fools the senses by its name.”

Underneath the square section roof of the Hotel de sens, the symbol waits.

  • Riddle 3: “A square with shifting name, / Replaced a field where sovereign / Was felled from horse. / Now arches enclose trees / Where a bronze horseman waits.”

In Place des Vosges, exploring the base of the statue of the horse’s head will reveal a symbol.

Sagittarius / Constellation

  • Riddle 1: “Great minds reach for heaven, / Men of the South gaze North, / Four Nations seek the truth.”

On the south face of the College des Quatre Nations, you will find a symbol.

  • Riddle 2: “Where the sun rises on, / The face of Robert’s School. / Eyes turn upward to the sky, / From a domed peak.”

East of Sorbonne, there lies an observatory. At the windows of this building, the symbol is nestled away.

  • Riddle 3: “Far from the river, / Those men who observe, / Gaze up at the stars.”

From the Paris Observatory, you can find another symbol at the base of the telescope.

Mars / Astri

ACU Notre dame

  • Riddle 1:In a peaceful field sewn with stones / A wingéd watcher waits. / Her gentle gaze graces all souls, / Follow to the resting place.

North of Notre Dame, you’ll find a graveyard and an angel statue at the front of it. The symbol rests on it.

  • Riddle 2: “Notre Dame Cathedral looks over her daughters, / One snuggled between dame and Sainte-Chapelle. / There, the face of the Son / watches o’er his flock.”

Between Saint Chappell and Notre Dame, is another church. At it’s main entrance is a flag, with the symbol on the carving above that gate.

  • Riddle 3: “Beyond a Dauphine, the blue ribbons / Diverge, making way for man and beast. / An assassin’s victim struck a shrewd bargain / To acquire a city. / The treasure lies beneath the mount.”

A statue of Henri IV can be found at Place Dauphine, with the symbol on the pedestal of it.

Virgo / Astri

  • Riddle 1: “In the Sanctuary of Sins, / Light and shadow dance, / And the Ignoble Nobleman / Defines his actions with his name.”

On the ground floor of the Marquis de Sade’s home which is east of the Cour des Miracles, you can find the symbol.

  • Riddle 2: “Lying in the filth, / The fallen Godly symbol / Lights the heresies / Of the False King’s Court.”

Near a wooden cross in the centre of the Cour des Miracles, you’ll find another symbol.

  • Riddle 3: “The familiar cross-road, / Where decadence is sold. / The sadness of the seller, / Obscured by rouge.”

South-west of Cour des Miracles, you’ll find a crossroads and the symbol.

Venus / Astri

  • Riddle 1:Built in tribute to the Sun / A square resplendent in nobility / Three colors brightens four walls / Now bedecked with liberty.

At the Place Vendome and behind the statue in the middle of the square, you’ll find a symbol on the ground.

  • Riddle 2: “Those wishing to enter Elysium’s Fields / Must first pay the Farmers their toll / To pass through the Western Gate / Where Triumph will soon stand tall.”

Also on the ground by an abandoned cart near a lamp-post by west end gate of the Champs-Elysees.

  • Riddle 3: “A most Magnificent tower, / His great grand-daughter fashioned / To surveil her subjects and the heavens / ‘Twixt Sun and Earth encaged in iron.”

At Medici’s Tower, you’ll find a Iron Cage and a ladder. Follow the ladder to the bottom, to find the symbol.

Leo / Astri

  • Riddle 1: “Above the dark shadows / Of the erstwhile bastion, / The tall square Sentinel silently watches / The 9th month spill his blood.”

At the Grand Chatelet, go south-west of your position, climb the tall tower and find the symbol.

  • Riddle 2: “The martyrs of Herod, / In their ageless temple, / Haunt the alchemist’s tones, / With their macabre, soundless dance.”

In the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents, there is a dance mural with the symbol on it in the southern gallery.

  • Riddle 3: “In the Belly of the World, / The Saint of the Holy Stag / Still waits for his Austral hand / To reach the godly heavens.”

Go to the Eglise St. Eustahce church, and you’ll find the symbol on the south-western bell tower.

Taurus / Astri

ACU Unity Taurus

  • Riddle 1:Sending signals through air, / Made of wood and rope, / Chappe’s friends took note.

On a nearby wooden structure by the bridge, the symbol is on one of the beams that are jutting out.

  • Riddle 2: “All men must walk, / Through gates that lead, / To the fields of War.”

On the central pillar of the gate that lead into the Champ de Mars.

  • Riddle 3: “False idols celebrate, / On stage they entertain. / Supreme is the Being, / Who calls himself so.”

At the Cult of the Supreme Being, go to the stage after the celebration to find the symbol on the ground.

  • Riddle 4: “Schooled minds guide, / The tides of battles. / Over the shoulders of angels, / They watch the fields of War.”

At Ecole Militaire, the symbol can be found beneath a pair of statues.

Cancer / Astri

  • Riddle 1:On a Church that will stand, / For a thousand years or more. / Three spires reach to heaven, / The truth lies on the tallest one.

At the tallest part of the St. Germain Church, the symbol rests on a round platform.

  • Riddle 2: “In the playground of the wealthy, / Assembled by the Medici clan. / The grand foyer will transport, / To the highest social ranks.”

On the ground of the Palais du Luxembourg, there is a compass pattern where the symbol can be found.

  • Riddle 3: “The font of knowledge, / Plaything of angels. / In the garden of life, / Man first learned Sin.”

At Luxembourg Gardens, on the ground beneath the fountain.

  • Riddle 4: “Beneath your feet, / The rich hide their secrets. / The sundial counts days spent, / Amidst the worms and bones.”

Staying in Luxemborg, head into the Gardens catacombs and find the symbol on the wall by the candles.

Pisces / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1:On the hill of St. Genevieve, / I have a Roman face. / Clarion angels glide to / A peak on my North side.

On the roof of the Pantheon, you’ll find a symbol in the passage.

here’s a triangular bit on the roof of the Pantheon. The symbol’s in the passage here.

  • Riddle 2: “Like a halo you seek, / Rings within rings / High atop the edifice, / The city lies below.”

South side columns circling the Pantheon roof. Go get it.

  • Riddle 3: “Pillars support my face, / Hold the nation’s dreams. / Square, not round, they, / Sit out of sight.”

Ground level of the Pantheon east side, the symbol can be found on the floor by the raised pillars section.

  • Riddle 4: “My purpose changed, / I watch; high in the nave. / As secular heroes enter, / To replace those of heaven.”

Inside the Pantheon, look for a painting by a dome. Hit your eagle vision to uncover the symbol.

  • Riddle 5: “The remains of fame, / Lie amidst stale air. / The most famous of all, / The tomb of Voltaire.”

Inside the tombs on the western side of the Pantheon, you’ll find a tomb that is being guarded by two soldiers. Kill them, orphan their childrens when their moms die of grief and find the symbol.

Jupiter / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1:On the palace where, / Bourbon’s daughter lived. / The assembly meets on, / A bridge facing South.

Find the wooden bench on the south gate of the Palais Bourbon, and look above it.

Riddle 2: “Rich and poor face, / The wheel of time. / Travel South to cross, / The water of River Styx.”

On the wall of a broken waterwheel south of Palais Bourbon.

Riddle 3: “Across the wall, / On the other side. / Souls cross the bridge, / To Southlands beyond.”

Go south-east from here, find a bridge, follow the river and by the next bridge you’ll see the symbol in the middle.

Aries / Vaporis

Riddle 1: “A once-Auguste palace / Become a shelter for the beautiful, / The days of sovereigns tick along, / Up to, but not beyond, Louis.”

In the courtyard in the Louvre, you’ll find a small clock and the next symbol.

  • Riddle 2: “By the spirit of Égalité / The Citoyen is welcome in a royal garden / Where the mighty Helios ignites daily / Man’s most destructive power.”

In the Palais Royal Gardens, behind the statue in the middle, there is a cannon. And the symbol.

  • Riddle 3: “From the stones of a fortress breached, / A Concord built to span the divide / From where the minds of men gather / To where their necks are severed.”

In the center of the bridge between Palais Bourbon and the nasty guillotine, the next symbol can be spotted with your eyes of the eagle.

Gemini / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1:At the edge of the capital / In the shadow of the wall / The swamp of sorrows / Burns the outcast’s fire.

At the south-eastern edge of Paris, there lies a swamp. Find the chest on the ground and you’ll find the symbol.

Near the chest on the ground of the swamp area that lies along the south-eastern edge of Paris.

  • Riddle 2: “Where the dead rest, / Stone eyes watch. / Vigilant guardians, / In death as in life.”

East of the fountain inside the Hopital de la Salpetriere’s courtyard, and on the ground.

  • Riddle 3: “In the fetid muck / Where the dark stream meets / Her flowing mother / You will find your goal / At the foot of the old tower.”

At the very north section between Saint-Marcel and Saint-Jacques, the symbol can be seen at the foot of the tower where the river merges.

Aquarius / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1:The Poor fellow-soldiers of Christ, / Atop their Stone Dungeon, / Marked their allegiance / In Jerusalem’s Direction.

On the wall towards the top of the Temple’s eastern tower.

  • Riddle 2: “At the source of life, / The Full-Moon shaped basin / Quenches the thirst / Of Solomon’s defenders.”

Find the next symbol on the ground by the Temple fountain.

  • Riddle 3: “In the entrails of the Earth, / Between the twin flames, / Lies The Final resting place / Of the first Grand Master.”

In the Temple crypts of the graveyard, find the symbol on the sarcophagus with your eagle eyes.

Capricorn / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1: “Erudite Rulers of thy façade / Stone-faced before the blood of executions / One day you will quiver and quake / As your insides blaze in fury.”

Above the entrance of the Hotel de Ville.

  • Riddle 2: “”A ça ira, ça ira, ça ira,” will resound, / A dire Twist of fate, / To dispel darkness no more / Now to break the necks of many.”

In front of the Hotel de Ville, beneath the lantern at the front..

  • Riddle 3: “Orphan tower, what has become of the rest? / The start of a pilgrim’s journey. / Shreds of memories hang from the chimeras beaks: / This one, pressure of the atmosphere. The other, alchemy.”

Climb the tower west of Tour St. Jacques and find the symbol at the top.

Libra / Vaporis

  • Riddle 1: “Palace once divided, united by the fourth Henry. / Stone Couples salute their doomed King / For his final walk along the trees, / King once united, divided by People’s will.”

Find the pair of statues at Tuileries Palace, and take the symbol from the ledge between the sculptures.

  • Riddle 2: “Last Ray from the Sun / He lost a son and parted from another. / Cobblers, soldiers, statesmen and whoresons, / Cheer the window’s close, blotting out the sun.”

The guillotine at Place de la Concorde, conceals the symbol on the ground towards the east.

  • Riddle 3: “The Magdalen looks towards Death / And watches the precession, unblinking, / And thus unmoved, she keeps her back / Toward the Interment of her King.”

The final symbol can be found on a mausoleum wall in the the graveyard at the Church of Madeleine.

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