August 2008 NPD Sales – Console War Back On

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I am sure by now you have seen the latest NPD stats but if not here is a quick recap.

Nintendo DS – 518,300
Nintendo Wii – 453,000
PlayStation Portable – 253,000
Xbox 360 – 195,200
PS3 – 185,400

Yes Nintendo once again smashed it’s opposition on both the handheld and main console divisions. The PSP faired well and the 360 has once again regained a lead over the PS3. Though not by much.

There are two big things here that will make Microsoft happy.

1. This was pre-price cut which is obviously going to boost sales, if only for the short term.
2. This was post PS3 80GB release.

Granted the 80GB release was not a major milestone but I would bet that Sony were expecting a little lift when it hit the shelves.

I think it is a foregone conclusion that the 360 will outsell the PS3 in September, thanks to the price cut, but October is another issue entirely.

I’ll bet the house on Nintendo taking this holiday season and then will guess at Microsoft a firm second and Sony being a distant third…

Last Updated: September 12, 2008

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