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Australian gamers seethe over BF3 pricing

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We’ve covered the excessive price of games in Australia a few times in the past, mainly because I like making fun of Australia and this is an easier and safer dig than poking at their cricket or rugby teams.

Often the excuse given for the excessive Australian pricing is it’s distance from civilisation and the high cost of shipping anything to Australia. Or what I was told when I lived there was that they added an Australia tax to goods which is the small price you pay for living in paradise… I kid you not.

Anyway back to reality, their prices are exceptionally high and this isn’t news but now EA has released the pricing for their upcoming Battlefield 3 Premium and unbelievably this Australia tax has been added to this entirely digital release as well.

Battlefield 3 Premium costs $50 in America and a relatively similar price across the rest of the civilised world however in Australia the pricing has been revealed and it’s going to cost them AUD$80 which works out to about $78.

So EA or DICE or someone else is adding a solid $28 premium for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Unsurprisingly the Australian gamers are furious and have taken to the Battlefield forums to vent their anger and while one post has now been closed the second one has already reached 22 pages and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Why do we care about the Australian price of games? Well if EA get away with this you can guarantee that we will soon be faced with excessive pricing as well. So do your bit for our country by helping Australia and vent your anger at EA, DICE or whoever is responsible either here or at the Battlefield forums.


It seems all the moaning may have been worth it. Reports are coming in that EA has caved, and that the price has dropped to AUD$64.95  – which is a little better. There’s no word on whether or not those who paid the full, ludicrous price for Battlefield 3 Premium will be getting a refund. Still a rip off, but a step in the right direction. 

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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