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Avatar Multiplayer Blowout – Trailer, Pics And Details

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We received a Press Release for Avatar’s multiplayer late last week and now that Joystiq has just posted up a video of the action, the timing was just right to post it all up.

The multiplayer pits the Na’vi against the Humans in epic battles which could easily be confused for a game that could be called HaloCraft. I don’t mean that in a bad way. The action looks pretty intense and the inclusion of all sorts of toys (like Mechs) mixed in with the lush environments mean that it might actually be quite a rollercoaster.

Press release, screenshots and video after the jump.

In James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, you arrive on the distant world Pandora, hand-picked to take part in the Avatar Program, a little known scientific initiative launched by the RDA Corporation, which is mining Pandora for rare minerals. You learn to pilot your own avatar, a hybrid of your DNA and that of Pandora’s indigenous species, the Na’vi.

As you venture further into the Pandoran jungle, you learn more about its many creatures of Pandora, the Na’vi, and their struggle with the Corporation to save Pandora At the flashpoint of this conflict, you must decide where your true allegiance lies: Do you fight alongside the RDA, attempting to alter the course of a conflict spiraling quickly out of control? … or do you join the Na’vi, battling to protect Pandora from the onslaught of the RDA?

During the Multiplayer mode you can take sides in the battle for Pandora as either an RDA trooper or a Na’vi warrior each with their own unique gear, weaponry, and skills. Watch strategies evolve as a team of shooters (RDA) take on the brute power of giant axes, staffs, swords and bows (Na’vi).

AVRT_NG_SCREEN_MULTI_RDA_team.jpg AVRT_NG_SCREEN_MULTI_Attacking_the_base.jpg AVRT_NG_SCREEN_MULTI_Capture_and_hold.jpg AVRT_NG_SCREEN_MULTI_Enemy_line.jpg

Video: Joystiq

Last Updated: November 30, 2009

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