Average PSN user 28 year old male, well educated, and loaded

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Do you fit the profile? I don’t – I’m older, dumber than a bag of hammers and have roughly 18 ZAR to my name. My shortcomings aside, according to PSN’s director of operations Eric Lempel, the average  PSN user is a decent, upstanding chap. That seems to be far removed from the average Xbox Live user, who is a 15-year old snivelling idiot whose only means of communications seems to be calling everyone and everything “gay”

Who is the PlayStation Network audience?

Lempel : Right now, it’s primarily male. The average age is 28 years old, in usually the middle- to higher-income range. They over-index against those with graduate degrees. But it’s expanding. What we’re finding ever since we’ve introduced services like the video download service, we’re getting more of the household on the PlayStation Network. Some of the top rentals and sales on the video side have been content that probably doesn’t appeal exactly to that 28-year-old male. It’s more those movies that are geared toward women.

It’s a pity though that the average PS3 fanboy is an emotionally crippled, illogical, vitriol-filled retard whose sense of self worth is directly proportional to validation about his choice of console.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: September 2, 2009

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