Awesome: More Forza 3 Screens (EU Cars)

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It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Forza 3. Then again I reckon its mostly because of how awesome the game looks. In actual fact I hate finding new screens to look at because it just makes the wait a lot harder. But alas I can never help myself and thus submit you all to the same torture..

Now even though the following screens are not of some crazy super-cars or awesome SUV’s, but of some more everyday cars, I’m sure you’ll love them. Especially since its of cars most of us have seen/driven or even own in real life. Check them out!

200907290855.jpg 200907290856.jpg 200907290856.jpg 200907290856.jpg 200907290856.jpg 200907290857.jpg 200907290857.jpg 200907290857.jpg 200907290858.jpg 200907290858.jpg 200907290858.jpg 200907290858.jpg 200907290858.jpg 200907290859.jpg 200907290859.jpg 200907290859.jpg 200907290859.jpg 200907290900.jpg 200907290900.jpg 200907290900.jpg 200907290900.jpg 200907290900.jpg 200907290901.jpg 200907290901.jpg 200907290901.jpg 200907290901.jpg 200907290902.jpg 200907290902.jpg 200907290902.jpg

Source: eurogamer

Last Updated: July 29, 2009

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