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Remember, remember to grow your big-ass ‘stache in Movember. That and don’t forget to give a donation in, remember… every R10 you donate is an entry into the competition. These prizes are super-fly and you are really going to want to get your hands on them.

Ladies and Gents we can finally confirm the prizes and let me tell you right now that the bundles are freaking awesome. If you haven’t been growing your ‘stache for Movember then you are about to kick yourselves because before I give you the full bundle

I will tell you this. The winner of the moustache competition is going to be taking home a GTA: Chinatown Wars branded Nintendo DSi along with all of the other goodies.

Yeah baby, that’s nearly hot as my sexy ‘stache in the header image *cough*. (let me dream OK…)

Seriously, the full bundles are super impressive so hit the link and check out the full deal.

Ok people, here are the prizes.

Grand Prize Swag Bag – Best Mo:


1 x Chinatown Wars branded Nintendo DSi

1 x GTA IV dartboard

1 x GTA IV baseball bat

1 x Limited Ed Statue of Happiness statue

1 x DVD Wild Bunch (No relation to Red Dead Redemption, just a cool old Western to get you in the mood)

1 x Red Dead Redemption T-shirt

The winner of the donation competition will receive the same bundle, minus the Nintendo DSi.

——– and now a word from our sponsor, take it away Rockstar ——-

In celebration of Mo’s the world over – and in anticipation for next year’s Red Dead Redemption www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption, Rockstar Games have donated some swag for the bundle sponsored by Megarom. Also, included is the Western classic “The Wild Bunch” on DVD, as recently recommended http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/2009/11/17/2001/rockstar_recommends__%E2%80%9Cthe_wild_bunch%E2%80%9D by Rockstar… just to whet your appetite.

——— and now back to our scheduled programming ——–

Now you can understand, that being an employee of this site I am incredibly bummed that I am not eligible to win that kickass bundle above, so grow that ‘stache and for Pete’s sake get those donations rolling in already, win it for me (/cry).

Ok, How Does It All Work Again?

There are two ways to win, the first is to have your awesome ‘stache win the Movember best ‘stache competition. The winner will take home the bundle AND the Nintendo DSi.

The second is to donate. For every R10 you donate you get an entry into the draw. If your name is drawn, hey presto, you take the standard bundle home with you.

Forgot how to donate? Click here to get going.

Remember guys, this competition is also going to a very good cause, so do your bit. Not only that but let everyone know that South African gamers are a force to be reckoned with.

Make us proud.

P.S: Since my Mo is so pathetic, here is an example of a proper Mo sent in by one of our readers.


Last Updated: November 25, 2009

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