Awesome Wii Bowling Ball Peripheral

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Get out your bowling shirts ladies and gentlemen and grab those funny clown-shoes, its time for one hell of a bowling experience and all in the comfort of your own home… well maybe in that case you don’t need a bowling shirt or those gross shoes. Well then you should be even more excited.

This is the first Wii peripheral of its kind to have actually been manufactured after a real bowling ball. The authenticity of the design makes it possible for you to utilize all the skills you’ve earned in real-life-bowling and apply it to the digital equivalent.

What I find really cool is that the ball actually opens up to allow you to place your Wii-mote inside (clear for motion reasons) and you actually get to place your fingers in three provided holes… come on how cool is all of that?

Apparently the peripheral is compatible with any Wii bowling game but still no release date. I gotta wonder though – is it a one-size fits all?

Source: gizmodo

Last Updated: June 19, 2009

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