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Axis of Fun: Tropico 5 gets multiplayer

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Axis of evil

What could be more fun than ruling the world with an iron grip? Meeting up with your other dictator friends, of course! The latest installment of Tropico just got a whole lot more entertaining.

Here is a video showing off the cool times you could have in Tropico 5’s multiplayer:

I think I’d probably be the type who wants to share resources and grow massive and powerful. Of course, then I’m sure I’d get so strong that I’d think that I could take out the competition, and I’d probably attack my former ally, leading to World War 3. Isn’t that always how it goes – cooperate until you’re strong enough not to need it? Ah, the evil of human nature. With multiplayer available with up to four players, you can go mad in your Axis of Evil simulation. Dibs on being Kim Jung Il – he may be dead now, but he had the best porn collection of them all.

Tropico 5 is really starting to look good. I may just have to play this one. It’s goofy and off the wall, and yet the best dictator simulation that you can get. This one even lets you engage in succession planning as you pass your evil empire on to your progeny.

Tropico 5 has a global PC release on 23 May 2014, with the US of A getting it 3 June. Are you ready to become a tropical dictator?

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

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