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Back to the Future screenshots and info

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IGN have been given 3 screenshots from the upcoming Back to the Future title being developed by Telltale games.

I am generally a fan of stylised art and the screens are looking fairly decent but I can’t say I am going to be rushing out the door for this one even though I absolutely loved the movies.

The game is set 3 months after the end of the third movie but since the entire series is about time travel I doubt we are going to be staying in that timeframe.

It’s an adventure title where you get to control Marty McFly who needs to collect a bunch of items, solve puzzles and organise for things to be done by giving items to other characters or completing objects.

All the cool places from the movies will be in the game and obviously the DeLorean takes pride of place for all us time travel fans.

It’s hitting Mac and PC early next month and then PS3 and iPad in the new year, I may just get it on the iPad… when I get an iPad that is.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: November 24, 2010

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