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Bad Kevin Butler video–Resistance 3

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I was hoping this day would never come but his run couldn’t go on forever and today’s the day that I feel we have seen the first terrible Kevin Butler video.

Kevin Butler, KB, the VP of everything awesome has single handily turned around Sony’s shocking PlayStation advertising campaigns and given gamers exactly what they wanted from a videogame company.

However whether it’s a new writer behind the scenes or just the fact that they are trying to get him to sell a pretty childish looking accessory but either way this Resistance 3 advert just doesn’t intrigue me in the least.

Which is a pity as Resistance 3 looks to be a great game, not that we can confirm that yet though as our review copy apparently didn’t make it’s way here automagically and has therefore arrived late.

Sometimes I seriously wonder about PR in this country but that’s a discussion for another day, for now check out the latest KB advert and let me know if it’s as bad as I think or am I just hating on the sharp shooter for no reason?

Last Updated: September 6, 2011

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