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Batman Arkham Knight – AR Challenge unlock guide

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Batman AR challenges (2)

Contrary to what I’ve told many impressionable kids, you don’t need dead parents in order to be Batman. Nor do you need several billions of dollars to help hone your mind, body and soul into a crime-fighting machine.

Nope, it’s good ol’ Augmented Reality that will help turn you into a caped crusader…digitally. Still, beats having to travel to Nanda Parbat in order to undertake the Thorgol initiation. It’s cold up there! Here’s how you can unlock AR challenges in the Batman Arkham Knight.


Batman AR challenges (1)

  • Fear Multi-Takedown – Available from start
  • Grapnel Boost MK II – Available from start
  • Predator Fundamentals – Available from start
  • Summon, Eject and Glide – Available from start
  • Throw Counter – Available from start
  • Weapon Energy Diagnostics – Available from start


Batman AR challenges (3)

  • Revive and Shine – Use a Fear takedown to deal with three enemies
  • Terminal Velocity – Take down a brute enemy type with an environmental finisher after chapter five
  • Under the Pale Moonlight – Trick an enemy into a trap using the voice synthesiser after chapter seven
  • Smash and Grab – Available after Two-Faced bandit



  • Combo Master – Run and dive straight off a roof
  • Tower Defense – Pick up a downed enemy and transition into a beat-down after chapter three
  • Batman and Nightwing – Use three quickfire gadgets in a free-flow combo after chapter five
  • Azrael’s Atonement – Finish the Heir To The Cowl quest

Batmobile race

Batman AR challenges (5)

  • Mightnight Fury TT – Glide for 300 meters after ejecting from the Batmobile after chapter three
  • City Heat TT – Use three gadgets in a single glide attack after chapter seven
  • Crushinator – Available after Riddler’s Revenge
  • Condemned – Available after Riddler’s Revenge
  • Mental Blocked – Available after Riddler’s Revenge

Batmobile combat

Batman AR challenges (6)

  • One Man Army – Jump the Batmobile over a minimum of 50 meters using the afterburner
  • Natural Selection – Available after chapter three
  • Untouchable – Hit three critical shots in one tank battle after chapter three
  • Slumdog Billionaire – Available after chapter five


Batman AR challenges (4)

  • Road Rage – Drift for at least three seconds without stopping
  • David and Goliath – Use three counters in one free-flow combo after chapter five
  • Drone Zone – Call the Batmobile and drop into it while gliding after chapter five
  • Seek and Destroy – Disable a rioter’s car from a glide or on foot after chapter five
  • Big Game Hunter – Charge and unleash a level four Batmobile weapon after chapter seven
  • Knight Time Strike – Attack with two perfect shots during a tank battle after chapter seven

Last Updated: July 3, 2015

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